Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Calculate the Value of Facebook Fans

Many marketers have assumed that a Facebook fans is of value, but now a company called Syncapse has put a number on it.  Somewhere about $136 give or take the change.  How did they get to this number? To quote the Syncapse report:
  • "The Syncapse model utilizes key research Findings
    across all five measured variables, specifically
    (1) Product Spending, (2) Brand Loyalty,
    (3) Propensity to Recommend, (4) Brand Affnity and
    (5) Earned Media Value. Averages and participation
    rates across multiple Facebook programs were
    then assigned based on Syncapse SocialTRAC™
    databases. It is important to note these values are not
    a simple reflection of Facebook marketing efforts and
    engagements. They are complex calculations that
    look to understand differences in audience values
    and declared spend levels."
To read the full report click here

Many thanks to blogger Jeff Bullas for bringing us info about the value of a facebook fan.  You can read his post

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