Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bag that Genius Before it Gets Away: Bagster

Getting Rid of Junk Before Bagster
How did I live so long with out this new product from  When you unfold this bag it's as big as a dumpster.  Who doesn't need a dumpster every now and then.  Bagster ( sells for $29.95 at home-improvement and hardware stores as well as Fill it up then go  online or call Waste Management to pay for and schedule a pickup for $79 to $159, depending on the area -- 50% to 70% less than a dumpster rental.  Really, in the age of consumerism how did we ever get through the go-go 90s without this.

And this is bagster
Forget The real internet find is   Bagster 3CUYD Dumpster in a Bag.

Snaps to AdAge for finding this gem as part of the article America's Hottest Trends in 2010.

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