Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surviving the catastrophe

Ok... just in case Sarah Palin given all her Foreign Policy Expertise manages to create worldwide chaos, I'm ready with solar cooker plans...
Here are a few that I want to try. Wonder if they get hot enough to cook a Fred's steak?

Sarah Palin and Armageddon

OK Class, let's review for a minute... Does everyone know what "self fulfilling prophesy" means? (Come on, you did read Homer's Odyssey in highschool... didn't you?)

ANYWAY... here's an example... if someone believes that Armageddon is a good idea... God's Will even... and that someone is close to the little red button that blows the world away... this can't be a good thing for people who are striving for reason... it's kind of like everyone forgot that the Enlightenment happened.

Monday, September 1, 2008

beauty minerals: raw, glo, bare, natural or pur? vitiligo and living a real life anyway

A few months ago I fell for my first "Free click here" yahoo mail ad... heck... if nothing else, this experience has proved that advertising is a lot like parenting -- as in: repeat yourself enough and eventually someone will unload the dishwasher.

But now 4 or 5 months later I have used-up all of my free $8.00 shipment of makeup (Like housework, exercise and eating, I wear makeup in binges -- luckily enough the practice of binging doesn't extend to drinking ... not yet anyway).

Here's the question: Should I buy more?

It's a bit of a loaded question because I have vitiligo. The effect it's had on my face is pronounced enough that more than once every few months a kid will screw up enough courage to ask me: what's wrong with your face? As a result I have grown from someone people would call elegantly handsome in the Angelica Houston mold, to someone who looks just horsey... like a paint or appolousa. So, there's a lot to sort through in answering the question. How normal do I want to look and how much am I willing to put into the effort. I still don't know for sure. Who am I fooling anyway?

Palin's daughter -- Does Trig Exist?

Who knew this election was going to be so about such real people.
A teenager who gets pregnant? Who knew. Frankly it's a refreshing change from the usual upper middle class politico teenager stuff -- partying with celebs, DUI, drugs, wild road trips, humanitarian PR trips... stuff out of the reach of the usual teen drama.
In contrast, this is so back woodsy... something that could happen to anyone anywhere... It's like the movie Juno.
But where is Trig? Does Trig exist?