Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Setting reasonable goals: How much to plant

Today I counted potential yield or perhaps more to the point, counted my chickens before they hatch.
  • 12 green tomatoes and a few blossoms on the celebrity and heritage tomato bushes
  • 5 hard peaches from the 2-year old tree
  • 0 raspberries from the 2-year old bush
  • 0 pea pods down from about 5-6 pods per day from 2 squares
  • 0 bush and pole beans from 5-6 squares
In a tiny garden what can be achieved. Including the great wall of lettuce, I have about 50 squares of plantable space almost all of it in containers. What can be grown in this area that will produce a useful yield. So far the successes include:
  • herbs: savory, thyme, basil, sage, rosemary
  • lettuce especially "cut and come again" types
The experiment includes
  • beans
  • tomatoes
  • peas
  • baby bok choy
  • red chard

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