Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Hope in aTime of Anxiety"

A remarkable man in our community has done much work in a subtle joyful way to improve our community. Standing back and looking with the eyes of heart you can feel the new energy without actually pinpointing the source; the place just plain looks happy and healthy. Trust me, this has not always been the case. What is so artful is that the man has created transformation with a remarkably subtle touch.

But, transformation is never easy and resistance is common -- as soon as some people perceive that their world is changing, even if it's a good change, they feel fear. They smell fear on others and they start to act all crazy. Mob behavior calls for a dose that wonderful poem by Ruyard Kipling "If"... http://4umi.com/kipling/if/ Scroll down to see the guy who tattooed the entire poem on his back.... now that's a commitment to literature.

I'll monitor this situation and report when it settles out. In the meantime I'm reading Hope in a Time of Anxiety.

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