Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden update June 7: First Green Bean Harvest

The green beans are coming but slowly. 2 squares of French bush beans went in (Harcort Vert) -- about 18 bean plants. 60+ days later, the first beans have arrived. Yesterday and today's harvest combined will be about 1 handful. Not exactly enough for a family of five, but something. Next year the first planting will include 4 squares and I'll start later. The cold spring had the beans shivering in their pots.

The 2 squares of bush beans planted 30 days later are climbing steadily. They went in on 30th of April when the days were longer but only somewhat warmer. They're growing in a homemade "earthbox" or self-watering container. Basically it's constructed from a plastic tub, filled with red lava rock and then a layer of "nuvo peet" (ligna peet, a red wood product). They get more reflected heat from wall behind them than the bush beans get. I only water them every 2 weeks and they seem healthy.

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