Friday, July 23, 2010

Replanting the Great Wall of Lettuce... and Rapini

After our day at the beach I found the energy to replant and rebuild the GWL,  which by the way, now includes mostly rapini.  The new challenge becomes how to keep it alive during my vacation.  The people who are staying at the house don't seem like the type to fuss over watering schedules.

The drip system is installed.  The next few days of testing will show if it can hold up on an every other day schedule.  Of note... while the seeds are germinating the water is best applied as a spray, after roots form, the drip works best from a water conservation perspective.  The micro bubbler sticks seem like the best bet for the task.  During the sprout season they can spray the surface of the pot, then after the seedlings emerge, the spray can be adjusted to more of a drip.  Let the experiment begin again!

By way of random observations, we are living with function over form.  With the water and gutters installed, the beauty of the graceful straight lines of the bamboo supports contrasted against the repeating pattern of the round pots has been compromised.  Renewing the beauty will be a task for next planting.

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