Thursday, July 22, 2010

Frugle, simple and or sustainable living? Not even close

Summer in suburbia.  Aside from a few tweaks to the Great Wall of Lettuce,  the rest of today was spent in typical suburban pursuits.  Or more accurately, aiding and abetting my children in their typical suburban pursuits.  Time poolside, breakfast out at a local hash house, water polo practice, seeing a friend off at the airport.  In all the kids and I logged about 50 miles in the car today.   I watered what is left of my lawn until I can  succeed at replacing it with something either more water wise, or more productive.  Nothing of what I did today was sustainable on a local or a global level and that makes me sad.  For all my bread making, and vegetable growing, and water wise gardening and re-purposing leftovers for the dog, I am still living an incredibly wasteful life and it's starting to wear me down. 

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