Saturday, July 24, 2010

Noted: Pole Beans

Pole beans in a wash tub
The pole beans planted in early May have started to yield results almost 70 days later.  The 5-6 squares of beans planted May 6 have created 2 massive vine towers and 3 shorter towers.  Today I harvested about 1 pound of beans with more on the way.
  • The plants sharing the 4x4 box with the zucchini yield the most and grow most vigorously.
  • The plants growing around a study bamboo teepee are the easiest to harvest and the most pleasing to observe
  • The tower created around old tomato cages make a wobbly tangle.  
  • The beans planted in the homemade "self watering" container box yield the least and look spindly
  • Those in the wash tub and the watering trough containers also seem less vigorous although they were probably least densely planted as well.
I  have met my goal of providing enough beans for our family for a few weeks.  The costs including one time start-up expenses were high.

Ongoing costs
  • $100 water for 3 months over and above what we use during the off season
  • $15 seeds
One time costs:
  • $150 for soil ingredients: vermiculite, lava rock, various composts, lignea peat
  • $140: 2 watering troughs
  • $20: recycled 2x4s for 4x4 planter box
  • $15 bamboo pole supports
  • $20 garden ties,bits and pieces for the drip system
Stuff that was "free-cycled"
  • Drip watering system (re-purposed from other years)
  • Washtub
  • Worm compost
  • Hose
    The best part is finally having something to do with all the worm compost I've been generating over the past 2-3 years.... next I'll try to measure the effects of the various types of compost... but maybe next season.  For now I'm going to eat some beans.  

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