Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lia and Kia are home with me today too exhausted to function... for kia it's understandable... here's her schedule last week:

-- Thur.: School, Stage manager for 3rd grade play performance
-- Fri night: School, Stage manager duties, plus sleep over birthday party
-- Sat.: finish at party, 2 soccer games, stage manager for 2 more performances
-- Sun: 2 soccer games then help clean-up tournament (our team ran the damn thing... 4 fields... 34 teams... 68 referee man-hours, 150 players, and 300 parents... and some random dogs -- it was fun but a lot of work)
-- Monday: Crash.

We made about $1000 selling concessions over the 2 day extravaganza which doesn't count the hours of shopping required pre-fun. (As one witty parent put it... if we each donated $100 we would have made $1,200.... in just 10 minutes) and we took a pass on the Star Spangled Banner, although Eliza volunteered to sing it if she could sing where no one could see her and if we gave her a microphone. Diva.

Lia on the other hand only had a swim meet... 2 hours of warm up to swim 2 events... 100 breast stroke and 200 breaststroke... 1 event sat. 1 event sun. call it 5 minutes of actual competition... in Pacifica. 180 minutes of driving and 6 hours of sitting around waiting for your event. Lia getting 3 hours of exercise per day in preparation?....priceless.

Eliza, being Green, played 4 soccer games and had a playdate... then made it home to sleep by 9pm both nights and this morning leaped out of the house ready for school at 7:45. The fact that she was singing at the time is not Green at all. Just a little added bonus she got to show she resembles me somewhat afterall.

Right now we are storyboarding our website in POWERPOINT?! This is insanity. I am looking for someone to "flatten" the site so we can use the design view in DW and change content... the coders will recode it for the production version.

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